UBC Experience: Developing Thriving Online Ministry from Scratch

By Jason Alexis | October 6, 2015

Ten years ago, Union Baptist Church in Hempstead, NY did not even own a computer. They had no communication system, so they could not even alert the congregation when services were canceled due to poor weather. Today, things are different. Under the leadership of their pastor, Sedgwick V. Easley, UBC have installed the computer and communications technology necessary to appeal to people in global, social and mobile world.

Pr. Richie Halversen: Using Mobile-Social Tech to Reach More

By Jason Alexis | September 22, 2015

When it comes to communications and evangelization within churches, Pastor Richie Haverson gets it. His studies in communication give him an insight into the importance of effective communication strategies for churches and ministries.

Top 10 Ways That Churches Can Use the Periscope App in Their Ministry

Top 15 Ways That Churches Can Use the Periscope App in Their Ministry

By Jason Alexis | August 18, 2015

We live in a society that is permeated with communications technology. This new type of technology has created a generation of people who are social, mobile and global. Periscope expands ways in which your ministry can connect with this kind of generation. Instead of blog posts and tweets, you can set up live video streaming, to interact with people around the world via their phones.

Is Your Ministry’s Digital Strategy Mobile and Social Ready?

By Jason Alexis | July 6, 2015

This past April, Google launched a major algorithm update that penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly in searches conducted on mobile phones. This makes sense, because people performing searches using Smartphones are only going to want to see sites that are designed to work well on such phones.