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Mobile: The New Frontier for Churches

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Jesus always seemed to know where to meet
the people. He knew where to meet them,
whether at a well, a tax collector’s house,
or at a dinner party in honor of his friend.
Where are people today? The Gospel has
always been carried forward by technology—
the development of papyrus, the printing
press, radio, television, or the internet. What
is the new frontier that churches need to be
prepared for?

Mobile Ministry: Connecting with your church on their Mobile Phones

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Visitors are increasingly using mobile devices to search for churches information, listen to sermons, and pay tithes and offerings. Your church members are mobile, how about your church? Join Joel J Sam with @symbiotatech and Antoine RJ Wright @mobileminmag. On this webinar we will be helping churches understand how to get their message through, on the most important method of communication today: Mobile Phones.