5 Ways Your Church Can Be Totally Ineffective on Social Media

By | February 12, 2014

Social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter, have given even the smallest church the opportunity to connect with their parishioners, members of the community and the greater population at large. One post has the potential to reach thousands of readers. However, unless your church’s social media effort is done correctly, it can actually have negative results or at least be ineffective. Read more for five things you absolutely DON’T want to do with your church’s social media campaign.

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Mobile: The New Frontier for Churches

By | December 10, 2012

Jesus always seemed to know where to meet
the people. He knew where to meet them,
whether at a well, a tax collector’s house,
or at a dinner party in honor of his friend.
Where are people today? The Gospel has
always been carried forward by technology—
the development of papyrus, the printing
press, radio, television, or the internet. What
is the new frontier that churches need to be
prepared for?