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The Gospel through Tech Helping Ministries GROW

Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the
Message of God's good news to one and all.
Mark 16:15

Is your Ministry ready to GROW?

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What We About

Fluidministry is all about helping churches & ministries effectively & creatively use technology in communicating The Gospel. We make it easy for you to to reach & engage  people wherever they are, including: the web, social media and mobile phones.


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Breath of Life


Oakwood University Church


Sligo SDA Church (Mobile Website Solutions)


Church on the Ridge Mobile Website Solutions


According To The Word (Website Solutions)


Globally Commissioned Evangelist (Branding Solutions)


East New York SDA Church (Website solutions)


Hanson Place Church SDA (Branding Solutions)


Southwest Region Conference

The Gospel through Tech
Helping Ministries GROW


Here are Areas How We Can Help Your Church GROW



Before evangelism, comes discipleship. However, discipleship in our moderncontext will require tools that enables21st disciples to develop and act. We help educate and enable your members to become more than volunteers, but actual workers for Christ through technology.



Evangelism, as describe in Mark 16:15
requires disciples to GO. Technology allows disciples to GO everywhere with
a few clicks on the computer or phone. Symbiota helps churches evangelize more effectively through technology.



When your church is activated and
empowered, growth in your community is expected. How you keep your current and new membership engaged will directly ensure sustained growth. We help you use technology to ensure your congregation is growing.



Outreach completes evangelism in the life cycle of a new or converted member /visitor. After your community begins to grow, the only way to ensure growth
of the organization is to activate your community is through technology.
We help you.

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Get started using Our Solutions

to connect with more people

Connect with a
digital world through
text for your church!

Pastorsline is a subscription-based, bulk text and calling system for pastors, evangelists and church communicators, that allows you to connect with your flock.


All the great Relationship-building tools AND #1 Newsletter Platform

Sync all of your CCB contacts, groups and saved searches into your MailChimp account in 3 easy steps.


What if managing your church's WordPress website was easier?

WP Church Team is a subscription-based, concierge service that takes the ache out of managing your WordPress website.

Create beautiful, embeddable calendars for your Church Community Builder™ account. is an approved, third-party, CCB integration. It allows you to take your public CCB events, edit them on our cloud-based app, and embed them on your website.

Fully automate your worship service’s volunteer confirmations and reminders for your favorite ChMS

Confirmed.Church allows you direct texting to your volunteers without needing to know their carrier information.

Latest news

The 3 Ps of Posting to Facebook

By |

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and interact with the world. Sites such as Facebook have grown from a simple fad into a worldwide phenomenon. What started out as a way to share photos and stories with friends and family has evolved into so much more. As many businesses have learned, social networks such as Facebook are incredibly powerful marketing tools. Never before has it been so easy to reach such a wide audience. Why does this matter for your church? Because you too can take advantage of this powerful tool to market and promote your church to the world. In fact the process really isn’t all that different. All you need to do is follow the three P’s of Facebook promotion: Personal, Purpose, and Promotion.

Building an All Star Volunteer Team for Your Church

By |

Recruiting a volunteer team of social media experts can add a definite advantage to your church’s outreach program. Utilizing the skills of those within your church’s membership to better connect with the community will add depth and complexity to your church’s ability to interact and engage with your audience. Use these tips to assemble a knowledgeable team instead of trying to handle the entire project by yourself.

7 Reasons Why Churches Should Create Podcasts

By |

Creating podcasts from your existing sermons is a great way to increase your ministry visibility, gain more web visitors and connect with new audiences. I believe pastors who create weekly podcasts will be able to form a unique bond with their listeners. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should consider launching a podcast.

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